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Cleveland Trust Administration Lawyers

Trusts are just one of the many estate planning tools that our experienced attorneys can discuss with you as you consider how to manage your property. By talking with one of our qualified trust administration attorneys, you can decide if setting up a trust is the right choice for your asset distribution plan.

Trusts are estate planning tools that can replace or supplement wills, as well as help manage property during life. There are many reasons to create a trust, making this property distribution technique a popular choice for many people. One of the most common reasons for deciding to establish a trust is to avoid the probate process because a trustee rather than the probate court handles the distribution of property.

Experienced Beachwood Trust Distribution Attorneys Assist In A Variety Of Situations

Many of the details of how a trust will be administered will depend on the specific terms of the trust. Generally speaking, a trustee will oversee the process set forth in the trust and distribute the trust property according to the grantor’s wishes. The trustee has a fiduciary relationship to the beneficiary, meaning that the trustee must act solely in the best interests of the beneficiary when dealing with the trust property. If a trustee does not carry out his or her duty properly, there is a potential for trust litigation.

The experienced trust administration lawyers at Kathryn T. Joseph & Associates, Inc., can represent the trustee to assist in the distribution of property and help protect against claims of breach of fiduciary duty.

On the other hand, if you are a beneficiary of a trust and have concerns with how it is being administered, our experienced attorneys can help ensure that the assets are distributed correctly and according to the trust. We can also represent you in a trust litigation when that is the best strategy to ensure the wishes of the grantor are followed.

We are available to answer your calls regarding trust administration or other estate planning needs at any time. We promptly return after-hours messages, and we are happy to schedule flexible appointment times to help meet your needs.

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