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Serving the Cleveland Area since 1994

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We Can Help You Navigate The Complex Medicaid Process

Applying for Medicaid benefits is a slow process. It can be complicated and confusing, and errors or missteps can mean even more time will pass before you get the financial support you deserve. Our experienced Medicaid attorneys at Kathryn T. Joseph & Associates, Inc., can help you prepare to apply for these benefits and walk you through the entire application process.

We help Ohio families plan for the future through certain estate planning tools, including developing trusts, drafting wills and planning for long-term care in the future. We offer a range of services for the benefit of you and your loved ones, including Medicaid planning. You can trust our Cleveland lawyers and staff to provide effective guidance for this important step.

The Importance Of Careful Preparation

In your pursuit of Medicaid benefits, it is beneficial to carefully prepare for the process ahead. We can help you gather the necessary documentation, including the following:

  • Copies of pension benefits and proof of all other types of income
  • Social Security benefits letter
  • Financial records
  • All necessary forms of identification

Eligibility requirements for Medicaid are strict, and sometimes they change on a year-to-year basis. Currently, you must have less than $2,000 in assets, and there may be other requirements as well. Medicaid has a five-year look back period, which means you cannot give away or transfer assets, without fair consideration, within five years of applying and remain eligible. Our lawyers help you find workable solutions so that you don’t jeopardize your eligibility.

See 2018 Ohio Medicaid eligibility requirements.

If your spouse needs to apply for Medicaid in order to pay for nursing home care, we can explain how one spouse can receive Medicaid benefits while the other spouse remains in the home, is entitled to keep a car, all the personal property in the home and 50 percent of your other assets up to a maximum of $123,600.

Answers To Your Medicaid Questions

Applying for Medicaid is a complex process, but you do not have to walk through it alone. We can explain eligibility requirements and documentation preparation, and address other questions you may have. Make your appointment today by calling 216-245-0504 or by sending an email.