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Serving the Cleveland Area since 1994

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Conservatorship Attorneys In Cleveland

There are times when children need someone other than their parents to look after their best interests. Likewise, sometimes grownups need someone they can look to for decisions that will safeguard their interests.

The Cleveland conservatorship lawyers at Kathryn T. Joseph & Associates, Inc., have helped Cuyahoga County and Ohio families set up conservatorships and guardianships for the past 25 years, so that vulnerable people of all ages can have access to the protection they need and deserve.

What Is A Conservatorship?

Conservatorship consists of the appointment of an individual by a probate court, known as the conservator, to act on behalf of another adult who is competent but physically infirm, otherwise known as the conservatee. The person who is physically infirm must consent to the appointment of the conservator and will determine what responsibilities the conservator will have. Conservatee’s rights attorneys Kathryn Joseph, Sarah Lukwinski-Shemo and Jeremy Ray regularly serve as the conservator for individuals in the Greater Cleveland area.

The court will then oversee the conservator’s actions, in accordance with probate law, to ensure that the conservatee’s best interests are being served.

A conservatorship is different from a guardianship in many ways; the most important being that a conservatee is physically unable to care for some parts of their life, but they are competent to make important decisions on their own.

Cuyahoga County Conservatee’s Rights Lawyers Take Personal Interest In Your Situation

Our guardian and conservatorship lawyers, Kathryn Joseph, Sarah Lukwinski-Shemo and Jeremy Ray can petition a court and guide clients through the process, which can include hearings on evidence to determine the capacity of the vulnerable adult in question.

The Kathryn T. Joseph & Associates, Inc., law office takes a personal interest in each client. Our profound sympathy for your unique legal and human situation is one of the many positives that set our firm apart from larger, more impersonal practices. We insist on consistently keeping you informed about the sometimes imposing and confusing legal process, while answering all of your questions at every juncture of your case.

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Our offices in Cleveland are available to you around the clock and any time of the year. We return after-hours calls promptly and encourage you to contact us to set up your initial consultation. We want to hear about your legal situation in the business law or estate planning areas. We have been assisting Ohioans in these matters for the past 25 years. Contact our Cleveland law office to schedule an initial consultation. Call toll free at 216-245-0504.