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Are you OK with the assisted living safety and emergency plans?

On Behalf of | May 26, 2021 | Elder Law |

Your elderly mother has agreed that it is time for her to transition to assisted living.

She is interested in a certain facility and you are going to take her to visit the property. Make sure you ask about the safety and emergency plans in place.

Preparing for natural disasters

The law requires an assisted living facility, or ALF, to have a written emergency plan that provides information for residents and staff to follow. Every state faces natural disasters and emergency situations of one kind or another, such as an earthquake or flooding. In Ohio, the most common emergencies include tornadoes, fire or power failure. The ALF your mother favors should have a sufficient number of disaster supply kits for residents to include a week’s supply of canned food plus a gallon of water a day, a battery-powered radio, a first aid kit, flashlights, sanitation items and trash bags.

Keeping your mother safe

The ALF should ensure that all residents have a care plan that is easily accessible. When you visit the facility, find out how staff members train to handle emergencies, where they would take your mother in the event of an evacuation and what number you should call to check on her.

Researching security

While you are performing your due diligence at the assisted living facility, find out about security. Are visitors required to check in? Are there security guards? How about video surveillance? Do auxiliary entrances require a card key or numeric code for access? The answers to questions about safety, security and emergency planning are important for your peace of mind once your mother becomes a resident of an assisted living facility.

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