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Elder law and putting the focus on life for Ohio elders

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2018 | Elder Law, Firm News |

Many of the discussions we have in our legal practice revolve around helping families with elders foster health and happiness for everyone. During one such discussion, a member of our team talked about how much of the terminology associated with elder law probably sounds really negative to people without a legal background. This made us think for a few moments and we all agreed that this is probably the case.

Language such as estate planning, guardianship, nursing homes and long-term care may sound more like death planning instead of life planning. Believe it or not, this realization was a real eye-opener to most of our elder law attorneys.

Even though we care deeply about the work we do, we immediately understood that the language we use is familiar to us and carries no negative connotations. However, for families in Ohio, just the opposite may be true. Perhaps this is why so many people put off the important tasks required in providing elders with a stable, secure and healthy lifestyle in their golden years.

Unfortunately, we cannot change the legal terms used in elder law, but we can take care to discuss these issues in a more positive manner. After all, elder law is a positive part of life because it provides protection and security so that aging members of our society can truly enjoy their later years.

If you are planning to meet with an attorney to discuss elder law, we encourage you to put away any negative associations you might have developed. This can empower you to be more open and candid during your consultations, which will benefit the elder family member you love. You can find additional information about elder law and estate planning on the pages of our website.

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