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Determining if a conservatorship is the best option for your aging parent

The world is changing fast, and the elderly are one of the most highly targeted population groups when it comes to those who try to manipulate them financially. Medical decisions are difficult as well. Particularly, with the advancement of medical science treatment options for various medical ailments that simply were not an option a few decades ago. For some seniors, the constant flooding of new information can be overwhelming, especially for those who suffer from a specific weakness or illness, including dementia. One way many families seek to protect aging parents who may be vulnerable, but not necessarily incompetent, is to seek a conservator for that parent.

Real estate mandates special will consideration

Ohio residents who want to leave homes and other property behind for their children or other relatives need to think about a number of questions first. One of the most important quandaries they need to resolve is which, if any, of their children want the property. For example, heirs might not be enthusiastic about having to travel long distances to a family vacation home. The costs of property upkeep could also be unsustainable.

Leaving unequal shares of an estate

Many Ohio families have problems, and parents sometimes develop a closer relationship with one of their adult children than they have with their other offspring. When it comes time to create an estate plan, a parent may decide to take family disputes and hostilities into account when deciding how big each child's inheritance will be.

Asset protection strategies for Ohio residents

Ohio residents who feel that comprehensive asset protection strategies are chiefly a concern of the wealthy may be underestimating the financial perils of modern life. Individuals with stable incomes and excellent credit ratings can find themselves hounded by medical bill debt collectors after an injury or illness, and motorists who allow their minds to wander for just a few moments can face litigation and potentially ruinous damages awards if they cause an accident.

How to contest a will in Ohio

The passing of a loved one can be an emotional and stressful event. However, it may become even more difficult if that person's will is contested. In some cases, contesting a will is a lot like going through a divorce as it could pit family members against each other. Wills are generally contested when one or more heirs believe that the will does not properly reflect the desires of the deceased.

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