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Basic but powerful truths about estate planning, pt. 1

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2016 | Firm News, Wills |

There is no doubt that the process of estate planning can be complicated. You are planning for the various aspects of your life that you’ve worked for years to accumulate. You are planning for your medical care; you are planning for your children’s futures. 

Things don’t just get complicated, but they get emotional as well. The emotional factor leads into a discussion within a Forbes piece laying out what estate planning lawyers want you to know:

Estate planning attorneys are understanding humans

Lawyers are not inhuman. They are people who understand that death is not fun to think about. It can make people emotional. It is a topic often avoided when possible. They will not be surprised or put off if you waver during the process or become emotional. 

You are human (and will not live forever)

The heading pretty much says it all. You and your spouse need to understand that someday you will no longer be here. Creating a will or other estate planning document is an important part of accepting that fact and setting yourself and your family up for the complexities that the reality of death can present. 

Your estate plan is a gift to your loved ones

It is not only the possible inheritance you might be leaving to your family that is a gift; the mere existence of an estate plan is a gift to those you love. End of life matters, funeral details, financial arrangements, where your children will go, etc., are all stressful issues to deal with. By laying out in your will what you want, a mourning family gets some relief from that stress. 

Our next post will further this conversation. For now, feel free to share why you have (or haven’t yet) created an estate plan? What has held you back and/or motivated you to plan for your future?

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