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The benefits of IRA trusts

While rarely occuring, it is possible to put funds from an IRA into a trust for a future beneficiary. This may be worthwhile in the event that an Ohio parent wants to bypass the right of a second spouse to directly inherit the funds. Typically, a surviving spouse may either rollover the IRA or take the funds as part of an inherited IRA account. However, by putting the funds in a trust, the money goes to whoever is designated as the beneficiary.

Probate litigation in Ohio

After an Ohio resident passes away, conflicts may sometimes arise over matters such as the transfer of their real estate holdings or how their property should be distributed. In some cases, the validity of their last will and testament or the legitimacy of a particular bequest may be contested. Resolving these disputes is often a difficult and delicate process, but they can divide families for years to come if they are not addressed promptly.

Common questions pertaining to adult guardianships

Life doesn't always go as planned. When someone becomes incapacitated, there are many matters that loved ones will need to address and may be unprepared to face. For example, it may become necessary to establish guardianships. In this post we will address questions that many may have regarding guardianship.

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